Maybe Next Year?

We recognize not everyone is ready to take on the challenge of our year two pilot project. Life changes, health challenges, demands on your time, etc., can cause us all to revaluate decisions. Because we work with providers every day and our team has several active providers on it, we understand the hectic nature of a provider's life. We do hope you will consider joining us in year three, and we appreciate you letting us know of your decision to step back from this year. Please fill out the info below so we know we can find someone else to fill the spot that was reserved for you. We will be in touch later in 2021 to check in to see if there is anything we can do to help you prepare for participating in year three. Until then, we wish you the very best! The Alliance Team

Thank you considering our project this year!

Thank you for the update. We'll be in touch later in the year.